Vision Sitabuldi District: Tactical nudging to transform a streetscape: The Blank Slate & Sumit Asia Architects

The project was the winning proposal for the Nagpur Streets for People Challenge 2020-2021, an initiative by the Smart Cities Mission, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India.

The proposal reimagines Sitabuldi Market as Nagpur’s new shopping and cultural destination that is dynamic and reconfigures itself for various activities throughout the day and week. The design interventions aim to untangle the Sitabuldi market, its users, and vehicles by reorganising existing functions and proposing new multifunctional programming to create a dynamic, vibrant, secure, and inclusive shopping street that encourages walking and gathering.  Designed to be a public space that transitions from being an outdoor fitness zone in the early morning hours to a crowded market street offering a dual-natured shopping experience all through the day and finally into a food street or a cultural fiesta at night, this street becomes the microcosm of a city that is constantly transforming. The additional food plaza, unlike the hawker market, is a space for up-scale food joints and brands. 

A vigorous exercise in tactical urbanism, the interventions are low-cost, replicable, and easy to execute with a plan to monitor and gauge user feedback for a permanent installation.

The Blank Slate, Mumbai and Sumit Asia Architects, Nagpur

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