[RE]shaping urban environments in Chennai city: KAVYA SURESH

This illustration is a part of an MSc. urbanism thesis, “[RE]shaping urban environments in Chennai city”. The project finds potentials in the dense urban fabric of the city, to facilitate a liveable public realm for those who inhabit it. The notion of public space in the context of Chennai is understood and redefined through a densification process that is evaluated based on its synergies and conflicts with the mobility network and the ecological systems in the city. This results in a trans-scalar design and planning strategy that facilitates urban transformation in a holistic manner, shaping spaces that reflect the daily life patterns of people. This illustration depicts the proposed transformation of transit nodes that fall along arterial roads, with a focus on increased density, improved accessibility, active pedestrian flow and way-finding.

Drawing medium
Adobe Illustrator

Designed and illustrated by Kavya Suresh

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