The Halo: Antorip Choudhury, Ashish Dalal

The idea behind the design of the tomb started by imagining it as a garden block of a larger picture. The tombs are designed across 23 clusters – each cluster negotiating green areas at various heights forming a large garden. Every passed away person in the tomb is perceived as that they have transcended into the garden and is still there with them. There is a continuous play of direct and indirect light in the built form along with individual green courts which become the backdrop for the spaces inside. 

A person visiting their loved ones ends his journey through the walkway designed at a height above the tombs from which the whole garden can be viewed with the built form acting as a backdrop here. In this way, the balance of grief and peacefulness is achieved. The 13m high column stands tall around which the circle of remembrance rotates while the Pavilion of Silence marks the end cluster.

Antorip Choudhury & Ashish Dalal

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