The section is a part of a design studio (Semester VI) of my undergraduate programme in Architecture. The project is situated near ‘Vishram Ghat’ in Mathura, within the sacred landscape of Krishna. The Parikrama starts at Vishram Ghat, by worshipping the Yamuna River. Rituals are performed with the help of specific objects that give physicality for performing the beliefs. While rituals are believed to be important, the objects are used to conduct them along with the river being a sacred vital component. Due to this, the river in reality is being polluted. This facility creates an interface where various governmental and Non-Governmental organisations get a chance to contribute their ideas towards cleaning the river, by enabling local participation with the help of the community around them to tackle a larger environmental issue.

The section depicts the fabric of Mathura. It cuts through the Parikrama route and shows the proposed intervention along with the activities that facilitate the rituals performed during the Parikrama. The intervention includes the administration of the Yamuna cleaning mission at the top level, and the execution of the same at the bottom level. These areas become active public spaces which hold activities such as workshops, recycling waste collected from the river and converting them into products, awareness campaigns for river cleaning, resting and seating that act as gathering areas.

Drawing Medium: Graphite and Watercolour on paper


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