A quirky visualisation to convey our design proposal in a nutshell for a Government school, as a part of an ambitious CITIIS Project in collaboration with the Chennai Smart Cities Ltd. 

The scale of Government projects are usually big, and the process is more cumbersome because there are many stakeholders involved in the decision making process. For this project, every discussion oscillated between different opinions with officials, bureaucrats and politicians, with no space for a consistent design progress. This turned out to be rather reductionary than solution-oriented in creating a healthy and safe environment for children to learn and grow. In an attempt to turn this around and draw attention to the context, we pimped up our views on an iPad. When ancient Tamil poets and peacocks danced in the school campus on the projector, everyone listened to why the school can be more likeable than argued over. 

Project: Chennai Higher Secondary School, MGR Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Design & Illustration: Sakthi Bhuvaneswari R

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