Contemporary Garden Pavilion, Meerut: Studio Tessera

The axonometric view of the context best explains the project-a contemporary garden pavilion located within a hidden courtyard in a dense part of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Designed as a multi-purpose hall, it has since been used for satsangs (prayer meetings), social congregations, a conference hall by day and a marriage hall at night.

The design comprises a tessellated polycarbonate and wood canopy suspended within a vaulted hall. The resulting light filtering through the translucent layers creates a conservatory-like sunlit space. Experiments with origami tessellations and folded forms led to the resolution of the ceiling as a folded canopy with its characteristic chandelier like extension in the middle. The landscape is compacted along the peripheries of the courtyard in tall, linear, stone clad planters to cutaway visually from the immediate context.

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