Intimacy and Home: Priyanshi Bagadia

People create or claim their own private and intimate spaces in the shared spaces, which makes them feel comfortable as well as community life is also maintained. The scope of the project was to think of an architectural form that learns from the findings of the site in thinking of a community space that becomes an extension of people’s homes in an informal settlement.

Research Drawings – Painted Frames 
The drawing method for my field study was through a series of frames where each set of frames shows intimate stories and the spaces formed by each person. The strategy here was to go close, zoom in to the objects/spaces  occupied by each protagonist to create intimate frames. The hand drawn frames with shaded vibrant colours are used to make it feel as if it is a daydream, each frame is a separate image which allows you to zoom into the richly detailed household environments where each protagonist creates comforting/intimate spaces in the corners and the garrets of their house.

Each frame urges one to look at the next frame as it shows some part of the other space as if were a secret space, and the moment you enter that space in the next frame it zooms in completely to look at every detail of it and few parts of the next frame and so on. Here, the drawing strategy is to tighten the frames to see the spaces that get claimed. It is not a spread out but there is the kind of intimacy which allows/requires the closing in of the frames. Tightening of the frames which the lens of intimacy necessitates a focus on how it gets created. Each tight frame allows one to start claiming spaces – idea of nooks and corners, idea of vestibule space converted into personal space, idea of chests, drawers, cupboards, idea of attics and garretts. Idea of closing rather than seeing it as a scene, close in tighten frames around so that one focuses on various claims that are made, claims of spaces and strategies through that by creating both a world in mind and also a physical space that one claims.

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