Elevated Walkway: Varun S Bapu

Sectional models personally have been a way of expressing the design ideas through a combination of sketching, doodling and model making. It not only helps one gain a better understanding of the design but also communicates easily to others. The following series of sectional models were explored as part of my undergraduate thesis where I looked at giving back a civic space for Bengaluru nestled in an Urban forest. As part of the Civic Centre experience, an elevated walkway was designed that would cut across various zones of the centre such as the galleries, plazas and finally culminating into the landscape giving a bird’s eye view of the civic centre.

The method of serial vision has been combined with model making in order to give a picture of how the elevated walkway (represented in another material in order to accentuate the element further) unfolds as one walks through it. The doodling further lets one slow down the thought flow and assimilate the design process. The models gives an idea about the different spaces, volumes, scales, lighting, openness that is experienced along the walkway. Sectional models are also one of the quickest way to explore your design thoughts and visualise the spaces simultaneously.

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