Context, precedent, and proposal: Aneesh Nandi, Meitar Tewel

This triptych of analytical drawings aims to summarise a 8-week research and design studio at the Urban Architecture chair, TU Delft.

The first drawing is a perspective section investigating the post-war modernist urbanity of Overvecht. This section is overlaid with hand-drawn behavioural mapping of the people and activities we encountered in our site visits.

We study Aldo van Eyck’s Moederhuis (Amsterdam, 1978) as an architectural reaction to post-war modernism. Our analytical drawing aims to reveal multiple characteristics of this project in one composite image: depicting the complexity in spatial organisation and articulation by slicing and extracting segments of the building.

The final drawing dissects our design proposal: Arranged along an isometric grid, the unfolded section displays all the edge conditions of the new urban block. Stepped section cuts unveil the overlapped private, shared and public spaces. The detailed interiors draw the observer in to visually occupy the scheme, acting as an antidote to the abstract-ness of the representation.

Drawings / Text: Aneesh Nandi, Meitar Tewel
Tutors: Elsbeth Ronner, Eireen Schreurs, Leeke Reinders
Urban Architecture chair, TU Delft

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