Memories of Childhood: Aaishwarya Jain

The drawings in this section originate from reflection on my memories; especially, from my childhood concerning passages of the book -The Poetics of Space. They showcase the use of space and experiences of space as a child. Plants as an element have been exaggerated and used repeatedly to create an aura of life in the drawings. While the drawings are line-based, solid shapes of colour have been used to highlight the intention of the drawing.

The drawings of Junya Ishigami inspired the aesthetic of the drawings. The quality of lightness and life is intriguing. His drawings represent the domesticity of the house really well and also, provide a glimpse into the experience of the house and not just its architecture. 

At my grandmother’s house, I and my cousins often played ‘house house’. We would use the doorknobs and the bed as supports for our temporary handmade tent. A spare sheet would be tied to the knobs, and held down by pillows to create a space that becomes our house in the larger house. We would take some food and small plates to create our own kitchen and make our own delicacies. An ISO view with two walls hidden has been chosen to highlight how space has been manipulated by the temporary self-made tent.

Media: Rhino, Procreate
Canvas size : 1620 X 2160px

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