Cafe Brise Soleil: Morphemy Architects

Nestled within the premises of Urdu University, Cafe Brise Soleil is a redesign of an existing cafeteria. Over 50 sqm in area, it seeks to dilute the conflict between the built and the unbuilt.

Catering to denizens and visitors alike, the structure is a screen of 500 powder-coated aluminium panels supported by a steel framework, each unique in its gradient. In concert with the frosted Polycarbonate roof, the screen maintains its semi-permeable nature to the elements, allowing diffused light and ventilation into its domain while retaining precipitation to the context.

The above diagrams represent the ideas of its being, its inception as an empty site with a couple of kiosks, to its realisation as Cafe Brise Soleil.

Nishanth P (Principal Architect)
H Rio Debbarma (Architect)

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