The Himachal Story: Gayatri Garg

The visual below is a study of a typical traditional local home and the daily activities that determine its space planning. The layout of the houses is usually composed of two stacked modules – one being the living space, and the other being the cattle shed. The rooms open into the verandahs which further extend into the courtyard. The common spaces are essential as they allow for various daily activities to be carried out. As a result, every home’s verandahs and courtyards are typically very large. 

The above illustration depicts a section cut through a local home representing its simplicity and the daily activities around it. The visual is a result of an exploratory journey to Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh as part of my final year thesis. I am extremely grateful to the various people who were instrumental in my vision of this project.

Medium: Graphite on Handmade paper, Colour added digitally.

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