Anantham: Studio KE Architects

Anantham, unlimited and infinite, a home in the mountains which experiences unadulterated and boundless marvels of nature, is a second home for a small family of three.

Nestled in a lush hill, the house exhibits two starkly opposite architectural expressions which playfully interact with each other. One is an indestructible entry façade which stands strong against the pounding winds and rains – Aksharam, shaped by carving quartzite to create rudimentary cave-like spaces which appear to be carved out of the mountain, with a whisper of brass and wood as is seen indoors. The other is a softer and more meditative space, Parisudham, which synchronously purifies the soul of the house by infusing abundant natural light, foliage, and gusts of fresh winds into the house. The house is molded to create heavier and lighter spaces to simultaneously be in sync with each other by the sheer volume of the space, materials like quartzite, concrete, glass and wood, and architectural gestures such as the fine advent of the mountain in the house only seem to strike a delicate balance between the two spaces.

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