A 5W1H Interpretation: Abhranil Munsi

Wetland Visitor’s Centre – Reinterpreting the East Kolkata Wetlands
A Wetland Visitor’s Centre is an interface between the visitor and its surrounding wetlands. The project has been proposed by the East Kolkata Wetlands Management Authority which aims to create a sustainable economic model that integrates the growing interest of eco-tourism and public awareness in the wetland management process. 

A part of an undergraduate thesis project, the aim of the drawing is to illustrate the systematic interpretation plan used to determine how a visitor will comprehend the wetlands through interventions on-site and the existing context off-site – using the 5W1H (Who,What,When,Where,Why,How) framework. The basic questions it asks are: What are the East Kolkata Wetlands? Who are the stakeholders involved in its operation? Where is it located? When did the decline begin and what is the sequence of events that led to it? Why are the East Kolkata Wetlands important? How does the East Kolkata Wetlands operate?

The programme is defined to answer these questions. Each block has been placed based on what the visitors will see/experience from each space both within and beyond the site, thus creating a dialogue between the built and the unbuilt.  

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