Single Person Dwelling – wellbeing through productive loneliness

Demographic Research Journal’s issue, Living Alone: One-person household in Asia (2015), addresses one-person household as the fastest growing living situation in the world, especially in Asia. The current social welfare system and institutions not only fall short of supporting one-person households, but the distribution and utilisation of resources are known to be limited to and facilitated for an ideal family household.

Within this studio, we are re-thinking housing outside of the ideal family household and questioning spatiality and materiality association with the state of well-being, especially single person dwelling as a primary situation.

During COVID -19 pandemic and subsequent lock-down, we have experienced being alone at our own home/room while connected with friends and families online. This recent experience as a starting point, students documented her/his own space and objects to analyse and articulate relationship with her/himself. 

These drawings are drawn from the photogrammetry documented in the first stage of the studio. It is the result of close observation of one’s own room with daily activities that becomes an enquiry into the threshold between communal and private, confinement and liberation, further into the deliberation on single person dwelling for isolation and for productivity.       

We have started the studio while learning the photogrammetry to acquire 3D data of object and interior space. As most of smartphone today is equipped with advanced camera, photogrammetry become accessible easily, even some of smartphone and tablet device now has LiDAR to have more accurate result of capturing. The technology is adopted for construction management, land surveying and many civil engineering fields. In architecture and urban design, photogrammetry is being used for documentation, VR, AR and integrated into the workflow with BIM.  

In the course of our studio, to make ourselves familiar with technology, students are asked to capture their room and objects within and create drawings from acquired 3D images.    

University: CEPT University
Faculty: Faculty of planning
Programme: Bachelor of Urban Design (BUD)
Studio Level: Level 2 (2nd and 3rd year students are eligible to choose the studio)  
Studio name: Single Person Dwelling – wellbeing through productive loneliness  
Studio tutor: Katsushi Goto
Teaching assistant: Aditi Anand Kumar

Drawings by:

Charan V
Daksh Tak
Shah Dhanvi Chaxenbhai
Dhriti V Jagasheth
Ketki Sandeep Nandanwar
Khushi Minesh Patel
Darji Parthvi Rashmikant
Gandhi Soha Niraj
Vikramaditya Karnawat

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