Spandan Studio, Nashik

The graphics is a collage of hand drawn sketches, in design process of the studio converting thoughts into the actual space. The metaphors in the star diagram convey the initial idea of versatility the space holds, yet integrating all together as one, attempting to break away from a typical typology. It attempts to interpret cultural expression inculcating a fuller understanding and appreciation of the beliefs, values and ambience that shaped it. It fits to the traditional Architecture in today’s modern context, creating experiences through story of movement and pauses.

The section communicates the interconnectedness between the layers of the old city and  the urban threads, yet holding the topographic essence of the place. Being on top level, it’s a composition of interactive, earthy and breathing space in the sky trying to create an alternate ground . The nature penetrates within through the porous niches blending in.  The journey encourages a momentum where the space unfolds through a play of conceal and reveal, hence the experience becoming a  part of the memory.

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