Space for People and Identities: Arghajit Mazumdar

Resilience Centre for Half Widows – Rebuilding the lives of half widows and orphans of perpetual war

This drawing draws inspiration from miniature painting and Kal Baffi. The project was part of an undergraduate thesis at Piloo Mody College of Architecture that aims to create an urban village, allowing half-widows to rediscover their social life and freedom of choice. 

The term “half-widow” refers to a Kashmiri woman whose husband has disappeared during the ongoing Kashmir conflict but is still missing. These women are called “half-widows” because they do not know whether their husbands are still alive. During the conflict, thousands of husbands in Kashmir disappeared and many orphans fell into trouble. 

The central concept of the community is to create alternative freedom, which is materialized through spatial analysis of space and sensory perception through a spirit of a highly sensitive and elegant landscape inspired by old Kashmiri typology.

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