Unscripting the Home, Women Making Space in the City: ANKITA DHAL

How do women make home in the city? With the changing times, an increased migration of women has been observed within the country especially to the various work forces in the city. It’s crucial to understand how women make home in this migration process through the lens of gender. How does the gender role of being a woman and its subsequent social scripting affect the way women go through home-making processes? Through the fieldwork, I mapped various kinds of places, social structures and practices of oppression and transgression that women are faced with when they try to make space for themselves. The drawing methodology explores a graphical comic book narrative – inspired by Building Stories, to capture the vulnerable interviews and conversations with the research subjects. The story board and scenes are built through Virginia Woolf’s stream of consciousness method layered with demarcations of claims, dialogue, time and spatial home making practices.

Research and Drawings by Ankita Dhal as part of a 12 month thesis program at SEA
Research Guide: Rupali Gupte (SEA)

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