Think Tank, Kochi: Nikhita Manu

The project is a Think Tank visualised for the future of Kochi. It works on behalf of the Urban Local Body (ULB), to think, discuss, criticise and innovate towards the future of the city (regarding urban planning and architecture). Intending to make the decision making at the ULB more transparent to the city, there are museums, discussion halls and design studios for people and professionals to collaborate. For the Think Tank to be accessible, it had to be an urban insert very much in the heart of the city, belonging to the everyday life. It thus locates itself along the backwater edge – ‘Marine Drive Walkway’, one the most significant public spaces of the city.

The drawing attempts to represent the idea of the building becoming a threshold between the water edge and the city beyond. The building throughout its ground level acts as a threshold into viewing the water edge along with ancillary functions which are temporal in nature. The drawing very strongly tries to communicate that the building is imagined as a bar with an arm extending into the city as well as the island beyond. It chooses to leave behind most of the site back as a bare ground which the city uses as a public space or as a space to hold temporary events etc. A vibrant urban life is expressed through the colours chosen for the drawing where people occupy the space to their own comfort. The method of drawing, the perspective chosen is specific to convey that building creates a world within and around it. The cross section of the project supports the drawing for a better understanding

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