The Raw Canvas: Studio G+A

Wrapped within leafy surrounds of the city, this architectural studio is an effort to manifest our ethics and aesthetics into physical reality. The studio is located within a quieter nook of an otherwise bustling neighbourhood in Pune, India. The humble area of 550sqft tries to bring harmony through simple and efficient workspaces. The idea was to translate the essence of having a studio on ground with greens and gravel, onto a terrace garden. To weave a workspace alongside an open court, skylight and large openings to facilitate maximum use of natural light was the key concept behind this project. The spaces are crafted with an intent to serve functionality and provide a humble and humane scale. We tried using materials in their true nature, texture and colour. Muted tones, subtleness and earthy textures are an expression that inspires this space. This narrative of design seeks to create a tropical and ruminative experience. The sound of trickling water, the richness of foliage, and the sway of light and shadow, make an effort to bring this space to life. This office space has truly been ‘the raw canvas’ to experiment, innovate and explore the ideologies of the studio, which can foster a vibrant and positive environment for the users as well as the visitors.

Design Team: Ar Gouri Deshpande, Ar Ammeya Gogate
Graphical representation courtesy: Ar Manasi Bhuskute
Write-up: Aparna Kher

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