Curves, Concrete and lines: JETSONS

The given residence is an amalgamation of three elements – curves, lines and concrete, which are repeated throughout the house in various mediums in terms of material palettes, texture, edges and finishes. Curves are used to replace the perpendicular edges with soft rounded surfaces. Concrete is used as a base material in different forms to tie the house together. The repeating line detail is used as a binding element throughout the house. Soft edges and curves are the main elements that help pack the space with warmth. Concrete, cane and wood of different textures are used on the ceilings, walls and furniture pieces to show a relation of materials in various forms. The sliding-folding partition screen in the living area is the highlight of the house. It separates the living and dining space into two sections when needed and is made in fluted glass, teak wood and cane. The apartment also has traditional materials integrated with modern contemporary furniture. Olive, Nude, Yellow and Grey are the four prime colours of each room which are fused with teak wood and birch ply to create a complimenting neutral colour scheme. The key idea of this curvy concrete apartment is to create a flow of materials and furniture through these diverse spaces which complement each other in a minimalistic manner and bring the space to life.

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