Metro stations are the new emerging urban artefact of the city. But these have garnered the reputation of being ‘too heavy’ and ‘bulky’ as the approach is just to fulfil the infrastructural needs while greatly ignoring the neighbourhood conditions and requirements. The studio, hence looked at a project that conjures up a vision for one of the stations of the elevated metro line 2B running from D.N. nagar to Mandala that addresses these needs. The design intent of the proposed project was to make a ’gentle’ insert onto the site and addressing the bulky mass of the station by exploring the tectonics and structure. Along with this, the idea was to make the most of what the site has to offer by creating an urban insert for the residents of the neighbourhood, kids from surrounding schools and colleges and people coming to visit the hospital. The project also tries to enhance the user experience and encourages future possibilities that usually takes place within the Indian context, with strategic planning of paid and unpaid areas. Since the site is located just besides the wide open Pawan Hans ground, many vantage points are created throughout the proposal.

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