Perception and Perspective: Sneha Rao | The Artloft

Architectural visualization is the process of a base dimension coming to life, helping us perceive the visual space amidst the existing physical space.

By offering a peek into the visual connectivity, relationships with elements in a three-dimensional manner, the illustration is an attempt towards bringing back the storytelling activity, resulting in displaying details and experiencing the interactive spaces. These techniques help us bridge the gap between the ideas we are pursuing to explore and to bring the client on board with the same set of ideas. It is a very important tool, that helps us take control of information that is usually lost in translation by words or 2D drawing mediums.

Above is an illustration of Project Dwell which is an attempt at providing interesting architectural solutions for a residence on a small plot measuring 600sqft.

This illustration was designed and modeled in AutoCAD, SketchUp, and post-produced using Adobe Photoshop. 

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