Panoramic Observatory Houses: Mohammed Mansoor + Architects / MoMa

Our proposal for the project sits lightly on the land to preserve the landscape and special atmosphere of the existing place, The new building is a low and calm building that steps and shifts gently along the natural contours.

The Landscape itself changes dramatically not just from one season to another but from dawn to dusk, with its majestic sky transforming into the vault of heaven, it keeps on telling us its eternal and beautiful story. Our design looks to accentuate this effect: it is not a building within a landscape but a place where they are one and the same. It is a place that fluctuates with seasonal shifts. The open ground floor and glass walls that characterise the observatory houses allow for maximum visibility from all sides. Ours is a contemporary form of observatory house – one where the Sky, Landscape, and Living rooms become part of an experiential whole. The building floats low above the ground with all glass walls and roof giving you uninterrupted views in all directions, while overhanging roofs provide shade, protection from rain, and framed views of the trees.

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