Moortighor – Renewal of KumartulI: STHAAN

Every image drawn, rendered, or photographed, should tell us a story of its time and culture that involves a viewer in a captivating narrative with a purpose that may evoke emotions, memories, and experiences while remaining simple, aesthetic, and easy to understand. The style adopted for the visualisations of our projects in context hence focuses on a technique that uses a hybrid system of simple humble drawing and collage as a means of conveyance. We call it Hybrid Diagramming Montage which attempts to de-colonise the culture of the built and the unbuilt in picturesque imagery that aims to resolve the split between proponents of traditional Indian forms of representations, architectural drawings, and immersive expressions. The unbuilt proposal drawn in this case intends to understand and analyse the contextual phenomena of the idol-making community in Kumartuli and subsequently propose careful injections into the site in the form of dwelling reforms, ancillary infrastructure, and urban guidelines in the wake of craft, heritage, and celebrations.

Ujjayant Bhattacharyya & Priyanka Mukherjee

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