Reimagining OSR’s for a Climate Resilient Coimbatore – Marutha Nagar Bio-Park: Sponge Collaborative 

The Marutha Nagar Bio-Park is conceived to be an exemplary sponge open space pilot that will stimulate a paradigm shift in the way OSR lands are being utilised in an urban region. The design approach involves an integrated strategy to spatial programming and zoning where multi-functional interventions that can perform as blue, green, and social infrastructures are introduced. Coimbatore will need to increasingly adopt blue-green systems and strategic planning to increase urban resilience, green cover and reduce carbon emission. The project also promotes enhancing the social contract between the municipal administration and citizens through a participatory framework in developing, operating and maintaining OSR lands. Through such pilots, there is potential for scaling up sponge open spaces networks in the city region, while also building on more long-term institutional efforts to address urban resilience and social integration.

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