Liminal Streetscapes: Studio Bios

Urban design proposal for Rajaram Mohan Roy Road at Girgaon
(Mumbai Street Lab Competition organized by MCGM in 2019)

Through a series of carefully designed inserts, the proposal intends to retain and amplify the inherent high-activity interaction between commerce (formal+informal) and the community. This interface which is ad-hoc and undefined is what renders the streets of Mumbai with its vibrancy.

One of the most challenging aspects of urban design competitions is the graphic design exercise of representing multiple ideas simplistically on 1 or 2 sheets. Here, by means of axonometric views, street sections and part plans we highlight key strategies at critical nodes along the street. The attempt is to build a narrative at a human scale that helps interpret the master plan.

The drawing was a submission for Mumbai Street Lab competition 2019. We participated as a team of 4 – Unmesh Kelkar (Urbanism Lite), Yashesh Panchal, Gautam Nageshkar (Studio Bios) and Sagar Oke (Studio Bios). 

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