Inter ACTIVE Facade: Saloni Jain

The site is located along the main road with prime office and commercial structures making its context. With only the south facade available at the disposal of the designer, the built form tries to make a bold statement in terms of its deviation from the conventional commercial typology. Responding to site conditions the building adapts the layering property, which reduces heat influx, in turn reducing the use of more mechanical ventilation, also contributing to the green. Limiting to only facade modulation, allows maximum usable space within building perimeter retaining the rate of revenue to be generated. The built structure tries not to overpower the pedestrian scale by a more fragmented approach to the facade. Combined with elegance of projecting sun shades, rawness of toughened glass and softening green, the facade creates canvas where thin rods of steel draped with green climbers form a dynamic backdrop with changing seasons with an otherwise static box projection out.

Medium: AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop

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