The ‘Curve & Dashes’ is a 450 sq. ft commercial office space with a single opening for natural light, along the shorter side of the rectangular layout. Within this setting, the designers were faced with the challenge of distributing natural daylight equally between the two distinct workspaces of a fashion design studio and a chartered accountant’s office.

The changing area at the fashion studio, enveloped by a “soft wall” of opaque curtains is essentially an ellipse that informs the geometry of the staff desks behind it. By creating a consistent system of thin strip panelling, in a natural tone of linseed oil polished Birch ply, an effective environment for all other elements comes into being. The cement tiled flooring in grey and white, dashes oriented towards the longer side, stretches seamlessly across the office.

Design Team:  Shivraj Patel & Shruti Malani
GIF Created by Khadija Mansuri on behalf of Intrinsic Designs

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