The Good Karma Farmhouse is nestled in the interiors of Alibaug, the farmhouse was getting built to accommodate a habitable facility for the organic farm, and we suggested a bamboo structure. The site of the project remains quite secluded and is surrounded with farmlands and mountains in the backdrop. The architectural language of both structures is subtle, coherent and designed to respond to climatic and topographical conditions on site. Two-way sloping roofs with large overhangs, raised floors and six feet deep verandahs on all four sides together ensure minimum heat gain while offering maximum protection against torrential rain. The wattle and daub wall panels, made out of split bamboo and timber frames are plastered to keep the interior atmosphere cool while the ventilators in the roof allows the hot air to escape freely making the structures breathable in the hot and humid climate of Alibaug. The form of the structure deliberately kept simple and modular, so that we could concentrate on perfecting the prefabricated system.

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