The natural history of the estuarine bay of Kochi classifies it as a young ecological formation.
The salient features of it being resilient, response to flux, diversity, vitality, performance, temporality and abundance. Since ages, the idea of harmonious co-existence with the nature is at the core of the people and the culture of Kochi, and it is this very principle that forms the central idea of the proposal.

The Intervention of KSRTC bus depot here is imagined in detail combining complex programmes of the bus depot, vehicular parking, vibrant public place with multiple activities of recreation, art and health, active neighbourhood edge and constructed wetlands.

Drawing Medium: Photoshop

Design Team:
Shilpa Mevada,
Manalee Nanavati,
Ayush Gajjar

Competition Team:
Dipani Sutaria,
Divya Shah,
Mehrnaz Amiraslani,
Vivin Shankar,
Shilpa Mevada,
Manalee Nanavati,
Ayush Gajjar

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