Vaayil, A Doorway: Ragul Ravichandran

Exploded Isometric view of Jain structure, Alathur.

The Jain structure which is also called Veerasangadha Palli is located at Alathur, a village in the district of Tirupur, Tamilnadu. This was constructed in the 9th century to serve as a temple for the Jains to worship and preach disciplines which later also housed travellers from south to north. Later, in due course of time, this temple was donated to the devotees of lord shiva around the 13th century by the Kongu Cholas. 

The Archaeological Survey of India conducted research and studies on the structure and identified 6 types of various inscriptions which also included writings of Konatan Veera Chola (942 – 980). 

On looking into the details of construction it is found that the temple was built with stones dressed and polished on the exposed surfaces but holding its signature of natural irregularity which aids in a better fusion of the stones adding to the stability of the temple. Breaking stereotypes of the properties of capital over a column it is seen that this extends up to the limits of the wall to create a better balance and sense of symmetry in the structure. 

Again, like any other ancient structure with unrecognized architectural grandeur, this mandapa also remains a ruin with because of the lack of proper heritage conservation.

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