Exploded Isometric view of Urban Nest, coimbatore: THE LEMONADE FACTORY

The urban nest was a house designed and built for a family of four. The milestone was to achieve lighting and ventilation on a site with a dimension of 17ft x 36ft surrounded by buildings on all three sides. Not only did it achieve the same, but also provided the luxury of three individual bedrooms for the members of the family. The residential site being located on a densely populated neighbourhood was more a boon, to nurture and tingle the nerves of creation and ideas to incorporate lighting and ventilation into the building. With a live budget of about Rs. 20 lakh, the structure was given a sloped roof elevation creating a dense volume without bringing about the monotony of blocks and boxes but to eventually connect to the memories of the previous home that they lived in.

The idea of the design was to also enhance the individual volumetric dominance which was brought out by the difference in material application. The rectangular volume on the ground floor was clad with a vernacular lime and cement finish which was then also applied to the minimal volume on the first floor.

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