SLICE – OPEN – REVEAL: Thirdspace Architecture Studio

Architectural drawings, as representation, are abstractions of the immersive multi-dimensional nature of a built space and can be limited in their scope, leaving a lot for imagination. The best of the drawings, however, are amply coded to enable us to take that journey into exploring a space that is yet to be.

Sometimes a plan or a section becomes too restrictive and fragmented to reveal the true intent of a design, like in these semi-detached houses, where their extreme linearity meant that spaces unfolded vertically in a neat interlock.

A cut axonometric thus became an apt device to reveal the design’s many layers.

By diagonally slicing through the six houses, different parts of the design are uncovered in a sequential manner, revealing its inner organisation as one would cut a slice to examine a layered cake that is deceptively simple from the outside while containing a degree of sophistication and complexity within.

Thirdspace Architecture Studio.
Team: Praveen Bavadekar, Namrata Betigiri, Siddhesh Godambe

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