The acquaintance with light: KUKKE ARCHITECTS

The spatial sequence depicted with a dynamic axonometric viewThe studio built in a compact site with shared walls offered a lot of opportunity to bring the light from the top. The sun becomes the constant variable as it changes position and intensity – from morning to evening, and from summer to winter.

The staircase which is the major element of the studio, with not much variation in material – but just with the concrete and steel with lots of thoughtful geometrical patterns is derived out of construction, and washed by the sun softens the material adding further patterns through light and shadow.

The sectional axonometric lets one understand the building through a varied lens – from the mass, the built context, the spaces, the section of the studio itself, and finally the element of vertical spine as a whole. The drawing also shows how the journey through the staircase is unique with the varying light intensities.

Principal Designer: Kukke Subramanya T N
Drawings and Animation: Varun S Bapu
3D Model: Bharath

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