Pol Modernity: INPRACTICE

Pol Modernity – Sketch of the central skylit space resembling the chowk of old ‘pol’ houses.

The exposed concrete monolith that cuts, folds, and bends to articulate and render the light against the black canvas of exposed concrete surfaces. Light is the first material used in the house, physical materials, forms came much later which are a mere result of the functional extension of the neighbourhood, residents’ life, and everyday routines and are reminiscent of community-driven living in ‘pol’s. The play of light and shadow frames each part of this home, enhancing its old-world charm of pol houses, presented with a new outlook to represent the time it was built in and the aspirations of the people who reside in it. 

Project: A Modest House in ‘Pol’ Neighborhood
Location: Ahmedabad
Size: 821 sqft
Project Status: Completed 
Year of Completion: October 2022 
Type: Architecture – Residential 
Text and Drawing Credit: inpractice

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