Periyanaickenpalayam Railway Station: Mancini Enterprises

The building is a small train station surrounded by large scale industrial manufacturing units and smaller villages / institutions on the outskirts of Coimbatore.  The passengers using this station are more often than not  connected to the manufacturing culture of Coimbatore in some way or the other and so is the Donor of this building:  LMW has gifted the station to the public and for those reasons it seemed only fitting that its conception and representation follows the “assembly” logic of this strong engineering and manufacturing context. 

The exploded axonometric was the drawing of choice communicating the rationalistic spirit of the building.  —- A train station of this size has one primary function only: provide shade and shelter to waiting passengers.  Everything else is a serving function and hence the structure does mirror exactly that. Two civil blocks containing the serving functions and supporting the large shade canopy cantilevering generously.

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