As an architect, one learns to assemble various elements, sometimes discordant, sometimes harmonious, to create a functioning space or building. On representing cities, especially one like Delhi, the “neatness” of architecture goes out the window. The life of a city lies in its ability to breathe, grow and adapt; which becomes difficult to capture with the language of line-weights and line-types.

City Sabha’s drawing style grew from our primary mode of documenting Delhi – photography. Neither of us is trained in the art, but spending time in the field helps us practice. That we both come from different educational backgrounds (a geographer and an architect) brings two entirely different perspectives to the table. Creating collages out of our photographs helps us look more closely at the elements that make up Delhi’s “places” It’s messy a lot of the time and definitely more process-driven than output-oriented. But it helps us reflect on the way our city is strung together, understand the vulnerabilities faced by people in everyday public spaces, and build on existing models of resilience to drive people-led urban change.

City Sabha: Saleha Sapra and Riddhi Batra

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