Layered Experiences giving rise to Diverse yet coherent Identities of Capital Cities, DELHI NCR: Chirag Chaudhary

A city comprises of a variety of experiences that encompass the day-to-day activities of mobility for people. The mental image of a city by the people is generated as a result of stored memories in their minds related to the city. This image itself is agile and constantly keeps changing with respect to the immediate observations and sensations.

The hand sketch is a view from Patel Chowk Metro Station, New Delhi and is from my Undergraduate Research Thesis, Public Mobility in Capital Cities: Cognitive Understanding of Physical Mapping of National Capital Region of Delhi.

The attempt here is to view the city from the perspective of mobility in Metro System where all the physical entities including the temples, the house forms, the density of built and even the natural elements like trees and plantations form the basis for recognition in the minds of the people by giving them an of variety of elements to observe and record according to their personal parameters.

Thesis Guide: Sunita Dalvi

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