The Gomukh temple is situated on the rim of the Lonar Crater Lake. In the one the Kund (tank) in the temple, there is an eternal water stream. As one starts approaching to the temple premise the small but intimate pathway with a shifting axes leads you to an cross archway viewing few glimpses of Lonar crater.

The pathway shifts and one descend down, one gets a view of shikhara of Gomukh temple and the sound from holy water spout an eternal water stream.

The setting of the temple in relation to the Lonar Crater lake is marvellous. The Temple, steps, walls everything made up of one Material Black Basalt almost feels like emerging from earth as carved out entity.

The Lonar Crater is the perfect example where the celebration of water and architecture becomes sacred and the entire building gets scaled with steps. Where one enters and goes into through and over out its like large puzzle box. The temple and tank movements within the entire setting is low key a “no building” given scale principally by flights of steps.

The use of levels and viewpoints are planned in a very organic manner where one wonders how the crater must have thought of setting this non-building temple and tanks with respect to main Lonar crater.

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