ESCHER HOUSE: Journey from Reality to Divinity….

यह सफर है मिटटी से आसमान तक…
गुजर जायेगा यु ही लकीरों की भीड़ में …
जो ढूंढा इन गलियों में ,तो मिले इंसानियत …
ऊपर उठ परवाज़ हुआ ,पाए वो रूहानियत…

Exploration of a design that reconciles opposing ideas: inside and outside, light and dark, earth and sky; through a continuously unfolding landscape of interwoven spaces across multiple levels, led us to discover similarities with “Ascending and Descending”, MC Escher’s interpretation of the Penrose stairs.

Using uniformity of material to create a backdrop for vivid sequential experiences, while also responding to the practical requirements of a family home, the design attempts to resolve Escher’s impossible loop in the language of vernacular architecture.

While the project remains unbuilt, we often return to in the studio, as a reminder that the impossible is approachable.

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