Mirror, mirror not on the wall…: Shreyas patil architects

Deepak’s, a unisex saloon, needed a space that would blend in both feminine and masculine notions of form, material, and mood.

The reception area with its hand-painted wall art is an abstraction of human body parts to metaphorically celebrate the beautification of the human body, apt for a saloon. At the heart of the working space, an arc-shaped golden wall embellishes the beauty products shelved for sales and marketing. Across the golden wall, another arc-shaped working counter with circular mirrors serves as a hair-cutting station. These two together form a complete circle.

The hair-cutting stations are dressed with circular mirrors framed with gold rims and backed with a fine white base Statuario tile. The white Statuario vitrified tile with veins of grey and gold is also used as countertops of work stations and cladding of reception tables. With black-bodied vitrified tiles having strokes of gold and grey juxtaposed with fluted concrete panels and jade green walls, embellished with gold-rimmed circular mirrors, bespoke wall art, and designer lamp shades; Deepak’s saloon has shaped further to ornament itself for an upmarket luxury saloon brand in a tier two city, Belgaum.

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