Dacha in the city is the small urban village is always imagined to be hustling and sharing spaces filled with joy and love. The project was conceptualised by considering ‘volume’ instead of the area, as it gives a resident the opportunity to live in a house which need not be just a flat plane.

The project caters to the notion of living, from a perspective of the youth and migrants how to make a shift from the stigma of ‘hostels’ to co-living spaces as an antidote to social isolation and loneliness with a comprehensive understanding of ‘My Space’, ‘Your space’ and ‘Our space’.

This unit pictures four young professionals are adapting the unit.

The illustration was created using various softwares including Archicad, Illustrator and Sketchup.
Original size: 1800 x 1800 pixels
Team (for Studio Saransh): Purvi Tank, Puneet Jain

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