Between the Fracture and the Fold

L3 Design Studio ‘Between the Fracture and the Fold’ was conducted by Prof Percy Adil Pithawala and Dhruv Shah assisted by Sneha Lakhani during the Spring semester 2021 at CEPT University.

The focus of the studio was to introduce students to varied thought processes and theories of Design ranging from Postmodernism, Minimalism, Deconstruction to Structural Expressionism.

The images shared in this folio are from the initial warm up exercise related to personal expressions of students from the period of strict isolation during lockdown due to Pandemic. This exercise enabled students to come to terms with their suppressed feelings of helplessness, isolation, fear, anxiety and mental health related issues which they faced during the Pandemic by freely expressing them  through various modes of representation such as diagrams, abstract expressionism, texts, animation, digital and hand drawn drawings.
Learnings from this exercise prepared students to subsequently undertake their major studio design proposal to design a Museum of  Pandemics through human history as well as the cemetery on an abandoned island – Poveglia near Venice.

University: CEPT University
Studio Level: L3 Design Studio
Studio name: Between the Fracture and the Fold
Studio tutor: Prof Percy Adil Pithawala, Dhruv Shah
Teaching assistant: Sneha Lakhani

Drawings by:
Yashi Tripathi
Siddharth Cyriac
Ruhani Adlakha
Keerthan B V
Karan Tanna
Harsh Panchal
Hari Patel
Bharat Raj Thukral

3 thoughts on “Between the Fracture and the Fold

  1. Very important for new generation students for their visualization… Always been inspiring and good work to give opportunities to Architect students on the platform like this.


  2. One that theoretical understanding and the other is the ability to fuse aspirations is more critical than anything else. One will develop the sense of abstraction along with reflecting rigour of students to communicate their critical thinking and ability to be conscious about sub conscious.


  3. Prof. Percy:
    Must say you have groomed your students really well. Their expression is beautiful. Each one is so different from the other. This validates what CEPT is known for – ‘Creativity’ and I know from where they have acquired it. Would love to see more exhibits like this.


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